How We Do It

Educating for Impact will work with your community over three to four years in two phases.

Phase One

Over the course of a nine month process, facilitators work with school and community leadership to articulate clear, measurable, desired outcomes for your future. What does your community believe your young people need to be doing in ten or twenty years to ensure your community will be stronger than it is today?

We will assist you in clearly articulating your aims, based on your beliefs and experiences.

Phase Two

Our educational consultants will visit your school to consider with you how best to deliver the desired outcomes. What does your school need to be doing – in and out of classroom – to educate for impact? We will assist you in developing a customized program for your school, and we will fund the services and materials necessary to implement the program.

Our educational consultants will then assist you in implementing school change in a lasting manner. What can you do to make sure that the change you seek will be successfully adopted? We will work with you to manage this change process, and to encode healthy change in the culture of your school and community so that you can address both present and future challenges.